The Urban Jungle

Pfeffer Und Frost ⸻ 2021

An Urban Jungle-themed illustration for the 2021 limited edition cookie box for Pfeffer Und Frost, the traditional and sustainable Lebkuchen from Nuremberg. Additionally to the box, the project includes two cards, one for birthdays and one for Christmas celebrations.

Photos: Katharina Pflug


Maya Stepien is an Amsterdam-based illustrator and designer. Originally from Poland, she studied Graphic Design at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Since graduating in 2012, she has been working for a wide range of international clients. Her style is simple yet detailed, often combining custom-made textures with vivid colours. She also enjoys working on more minimal and humorous line drawings.

Selected Clients

Google | Monocle | Bloomberg | Wired | The Wall Street Journal | Lagom Design | Monotype | Fairway Market | Laurence King Publishing | Once Upon A Farm | Pfeffer & Frost


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